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Introducing the PbA Native App Solution

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

If you work in the Community Service or Non-Profit sector, then you know how crucial it is to stay connected to the communities you serve and provide services in the wake of Covid-19 and ongoing uncertainty.

The pandemic has laid bare deep disparities from racial inequities in our health system to worsening economic outcomes, and severe learning losses that have particularly devastated communities of color.

Nonprofits are fighting on the front lines of these crises and need the right technology to quickly innovate their program and services delivery model. But truly effective solutions that understand your organization’s needs are hard to come by.

According to The Bridgespan Group, Nonprofits must adopt a digital presence to survive beyond the present-day crises and become a thriving 21st Century Service Organization.

That is why PbA is excited to announce the release of our new Native App Suite for IOS and Android, designed to give your Nonprofit a faster more secure platform to virtually educate and connect with those who need you the most.

The Native App gives your organization access to a host of powerful tools including PbA Digital, our automated digital program system, onboarding via text message, improved accessibility options, and more.

The New Nonprofit Program Platform

PbA Digital allows you to deliver your traditional-in-person programs virtually from one platform. Our customizable system integrates program posts, video conferencing, activities, polls, and reminders to create an immersive digital program experience for your participants.

Now, you may be wondering “What features does PbA Digital include”?

  • Connect: Stay connected to your Nonprofit community through virtual communication hubs or learning communities where you can post, message, share files, and other resources in a secure community.

  • Educate: Inform your participants by creating culturally relevant digital programs with posts, webcasts, polls, and activities.

  • Scale: Our convenient mobile learning platform includes customizable push notifications and reminders to keep participants on track with the program goals, increase interactions, and scale program impact.

  • Measure: Leverage our built-in analytics tools and dashboard to monitor your participant’s engagement during your virtual programs to assess and measure impact.

  • Monetize: Access new funding opportunities by expanding your virtual program capabilities to a larger audience within your network and attract program sponsors.

Onboarding via Text Message

We simplified the onboarding process by adding the option to invite new users to the platform via text messaging. Now you have the option to combine email and text outreach to maximize your ability to onboard the people you serve into your virtual communities.

Virtual Events Simplified

Our video conferencing tool allows you to create and sync virtual events with your personal Google or Outlook calendar. Never miss an event and no need to maintain multiple calendars with our calendar sync feature. With one click, you can enter the video conferencing room directly from a frictionless link in your personal calendar.

For improved user experience, you can now invite people outside your organization and communities to events via email when you create or modify your video conferences or webcast on the platform.

Technology for Everyone

As part of our commitment to equitable access to technology and inclusion, we have begun phase one of our Accessibility enhancements to ensure our platform is user friendly for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. We now offer app features including VoiceOver, Text to Speak, Closed Captioning, and more.

Stay tuned for our future blog posts to learn more about these features and our planned improvements.

But wait, it doesn’t end there…

We also improved our Rich Text Editor feature which allows you to share videos, images, links, and enriched text with your posts to engage participants across the entire platform.

Our in-app Spanish translations are now available for you to reach the Spanish-speaking members of your community with ease.

Get Started with the PbA Native App

If you are a current PbA customer, you can start accessing these exciting new features today by updating your current app from the App Store and

Google Play or contacting your Service Line Director.

If you are new to PbA and would like to learn more about how our solution can help your nonprofit contact us at

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Andy Moon
Andy Moon
Mar 08

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Aug 30, 2023

It would be very interesting to see a video on this topic. I can recommend you the program at this link. It is compatible with MAC.

Sep 20, 2020

PbA Digital powers the 21st century Community Services Organization! #21.CSO

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