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PbA Digital: Knowledge Without Limits

The Problem: Access to knowledge

It is often said that education is the great equalizer available in society. Although some may argue with the validity of this statement, it’s undeniable that having the right knowledge can open the door to high-quality jobs, improved health outcomes, and skills that a family needs to not just survive, but thrive. Although there are numerous interrelated systems and structures that keep communities vulnerable, access to services and education can change the trajectory of a person’s life. Today’s nonprofit organizations are at the forefront of delivering knowledge to vulnerable populations through their programs and services. However, nonprofit organizations almost always utilize in-person methods to deliver services to their constituents. Although millions of nonprofits exist to serve diverse needs, vulnerable populations are left trapped in their circumstances in part due to the limitations of access to in-person programming.

Now more than ever, nonprofits must utilize digital tools to help them deliver their programs and services to those who need them the most. Research suggests that actively participating in ongoing education in a supportive online environment empowers everyone to improve skills and behaviors. With this awareness, our team designed a virtual program delivery system to help nonprofits deliver their programs to constituents.

The Solution: Virtualized Program Delivery Model

PbA Digital automates education workflows traditionally delivered in-person through our digital program module. Content is delivered through multimedia short-messages, live interactive webinars, activities, polls, surveys, push notifications, and reminders that are culturally relevant and engaging. Digital programs are re-imagined to inform, empower and incentivize behaviors key to improving and sustaining desired results. Our team of experts helps nonprofits transform their traditional in-person programs into interactive audiovisual stories pushed daily to the smartphones of the target audiences.

At Powered by Action, we are passionate about transforming proven in-person delivered programs to digital; making equitable access to knowledge possible for more people in need. Digital programs incorporate our nonprofit customer’s brand and voice and integrate culturally relevant multimedia content to best resonate with the target audience. Incrementally, PbA automates digital program delivery to optimize nonprofits’ staff time and to increase engagement and the adoption of new skills and positive behavior change. The PbA App suite (e.g., web, iOS, and Android) can also be white-labeled to leverage your nonprofit brand.

PbA Digital tips the balance towards pro-education behaviors using best practices and experts informed by social and cognitive psychology. PbA can also implement strategically designed incentives to motivate positive behaviors. Consumers or program participants will have the opportunity to receive tangible rewards such as gift cards and coupons as their engagement in program content, webinars, and activities create measurable outcomes. Program evaluators also will have access to multiple measures of program efficacy including behavioral, engagement, and in-the-moment consumer feedback. PbA Digital democratizes access to nonprofit proven programming to efficiently educate and empower anyone to improve their life. We are committed to helping our customers reach those they serve and modernizing nonprofit program delivery for the future.

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