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Introducing Bookmarks: Keeping track of what matters

The Problem: Saving important posts and comments

With the abundance of different posts and comments in a user’s newsfeed, it’s easy to understand the frustration of scrolling trying to find the information that is most important to you. Maybe a healthy lifestyle community posted a great chia pudding recipe or your boss gave you a list of to-dos in your nonprofit staff community. A desire to save content for later reading and reference is something people have asked for because of the amount of content posted on the platform. When you consider the number of different communities and program users join, they may not have the time to read every exciting post at the moment.

The Solution: PbA Bookmarks for web and mobile

That’s why Powered by Action has launched our “Bookmarks” feature designed to help users keep track of what they care about the most on the platform. This tool allows users to privately save the posts and comments they want to refer back to from the different communities and programs they’ve joined. Now users can save and locate important content easily and efficiently.

To use the bookmark feature, you’ll simply click the new bookmark-shaped icon located in the top right-hand corner of a post or the bottom of a comment. From here you’ll have the option to view your saved bookmarks on both web and mobile devices by going to the “hamburger” or left-hand navigation menu. Once you’ve added content to your bookmark list, you can remove it by tapping the three-dot ellipses to “Un-bookmark”.

As we continue to improve this feature, we will create a filtering option to help users better organize their bookmarks with content grouping and personalized collections. As always, we are open to user feedback as part of our update process as we look to incorporate suggestions into future enhancements.

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