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Crowdfunding Tool for Nonprofits

For many nonprofits, virtual fundraising is the difference between your organization achieving its mission or closing your doors due to a lack of funding. With the number of daily activities occurring online, virtual fundraising is crucial for gaining the support your organization needs to both survive and thrive beyond 2020. If there is one thing this tumultuous year has shown us, it’s the importance of community, whether we are connecting with each other in person or through our digital devices.

Building lasting connections with people who share our values and vision for a better future is key for achieving sustainable impact. Nonprofits need a coalition of volunteers, donors, supporters, and community members who become the lifeline of your organization. Given the increased demand for nonprofit’s programs and services, now is the time for your organization to gain the support you need to advance your mission.

That is why we are excited to offer our crowdfunding tool to all of our nonprofit customers accessible directly from the PbA platform. We created the Campaigns feature because our team understands that crowdfunding is more than just virtual fundraising, it’s also an important community engagement tool that can be used to energize your supporters towards a common goal within your organization and virtual communities on the platform.

What does it include?

Our crowdfunding tool empowers you to fundraise and monetize your communities to raise the necessary funds to accelerate your organization’s social impact. Administrators and donors have the ability to share your organization’s fundraising campaigns via social media platforms as well to help spread the word about your mission and attract additional donations.

The PbA crowdfunding tool provides a customizable landing where you can add a thought-provoking hero image to grab supporters’ attention. You can also upload a campaign description and video to create powerful imagery to help supporters immediately develop a connection to your campaign. The donation amount option and frequency are customizable and you have the ability to schedule multiple campaigns to start on a future date.

Campaigns can be posted in multiple community newsfeeds on the platform with a simple click of a button. Administrators can also leverage a campaign dashboard to measure progress towards your fundraising goal including a list of your current donors as well as a donations report. Our tool is mobile-optimized to create the best user experience for your supporter’s device.

How can I leverage this tool?

The tool is user friendly and accessible for administrators on the platform from your PbA home screen under the Campaigns icon. Prior to creating a campaign on the PbA platform, take time to identify the purpose and the story you want to convey to potential donors. Crowdfunding works best when you’re telling a story that includes a powerful call to action.

Storytelling is also an effective method for conveying your organization’s mission or goal in a way that engages and inspires people to support you through donations. This could include sharing stories of the people you serve and support. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, stories give context and meaning to otherwise dry statistics and data.

Stay tuned for future blog posts where we will share examples, best practices, and tips for using PbA to raise funds for your nonprofit.

To get started contact your organization’s Service Line Director or email us at to learn more about this feature and other nonprofit tools available through the PbA platform.

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Nov 18, 2020

Now more than ever, crowdfunding is an excellent option to reach a much more large and diverse audience to help support valuable programs and services while operating under challenging times and circumstances.

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