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The Launch of Our 2023 iLume Diabetes Prevention Program

Happy New Year! We have an amazing announcement to share! Our iLume Diabetes Prevention Program launched this month at the start of 2023! The plan to launch this program was to provide educational, supportive, and noteworthy content about the prevention of diabetes. Not only that, we are providing a safe community environment to uplift communities on their journey to better health.

Studies show that black women are twice as likely than white women to develop type two diabetes. This is a silent epidemic that affects many individuals across the country. In many cases people don’t know they have diabetes until symptoms appear. Therefore, this program was created to address concerns and strive for a better life.

This program will go over the following:

-How to prevent type 2 diabetes

-How to get more active

-How to eat healthier

-How to manage stress

AND most importantly… stay motivated to continue on this journey!

We’re fostering a supportive community that will keep members accountable for their health goals this year. We understand that it takes a community to uplift one another and we are fostering one.

That’s how we are ushering in 2023! Have you thought about your health goals this year?

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