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Heart & Health - An App that Revolutionizes Community Health

Heart and Health by MyOwnDoctor powered by PoweredbyAction offer physical, mental, and spiritual wellness resources. Have you downloaded it yet?

This app aims to empower black and brown communities to reach their fullest potential by feeding the mind, body, and spirit with content and conversations surrounding health and wellness by hosting weekly webinars with trusted therapists where participants can ask questions and participate in conversations surrounding various topics such as:

Healthy Love: Beyond Roses and Chocolate

Can You Hear Me Now? How to Know What You Feel And Say What You Truly Mean

Mental Bondage: Are You Really Free? (How to know And What to Do to Break Break Free)

And the upcoming webinar featuring Ms. Kendra Baker-Rosboro and Cheryle Jackson on

Family Drama & Trauma: Have Inner Peace, Shut Down Conflict, Build Your Own Safe Space

taking place tomorrow at 7PM CST!

Heart & Health continues providing exclusive webinars, community resources, digital programs and courses, tips and tricks, and many more!

All of this valuable information is available online and easily accessible. Just type in ‘Heart & Health by MyOwnDoctor’ in the app store to get connected!

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