Reclaiming Rights: Refugee to Citizen

Refugees moving from dependence to citizenship; facilitating safe passage from Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana to Pleebo, Liberia.
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Causes: Basic Needs of Humanity
Locations: Pleebo, Liberia
Partners: GroundUp Global

Reclaiming Rights: Refugee to Citizen from GroundUp Global on Vimeo.

GroundUp aims to facilitate holistic repatriation of Liberian refugees coming from the Buduburam Camp in Ghana.

Our repatriation program follows four steps:

1) helping refugees obtain proper documentation,
2) organizing travel to Liberia,
3) reconnecting refugees with family members and land once in Liberia,
4) helping once-refugees rejoin Liberian society through reliable employment.

The cost of repatriation, including documentation, travel, and food, for each refugee is 350 US dollars. Although there are thousands on the camp who need assistance returning home, our ability to provide services relies on the generosity of you, your friends, and your family to share what you have.

On February 7, 2012, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees announced its intention to revoke the crucial status of all Liberian refugees in five months. If refugees do not repatriate or gain residence permits, they become persons without rights. The UNHCR only offers limited repatriation assistance to refugees who have UN-issued ID cards, yet about half the population on the Buduburam Camp in Ghana remain without any form of identification. Despite these numbers, the UN has made no effort to register the roughly 12,000 refugees who will be left without networks, without options, and without rights come June 30, 2012. GroundUp global is addressing this in two ways, first by building a support network of companies, organizations, and individuals who can help facilitate reintegration. Second by constructing a temporary halfway-house on the border of Liberia and Cote d'Ivoire where incoming refugees can sleep, eat, and find opportunities through our network.

Our Solution

GroundUp Global is a local think tank for creative global action that advocates adaptability over sustainability. Our efforts support the initiatives of motivated local activists in West Africa who envision a better future for their community. We believe that by using a global network to share capital, resources, and knowledge at a local level, we can build positive change from the ground up.

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    Congratulations Camilla on all that you are doing for those that find it difficult to dream for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is a great cause - go get em Camilla!
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