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Why I joined PbA: Marilyn Oliva, Digital Media Producer

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

At PbA, every team member has their own personal why that drives our commitment to making access to help equitable for everyone. What’s yours?

Growing up I couldn’t find anyone that I could relate to in the media industry. The stories of my community were left unseen or misrepresented in the media. When I discovered my passion for media creation, it led me closer to my community, my history, and helped me bridge connections.

We are currently living in a time where technology is connecting us all and artists are getting to work! Despite the circumstances of the world right now, PbA projects not only motivated me to continue pushing forward but inspired me to grow creatively.

As a visual learner, I know media can be a great educational tool and if the media I create can help someone learn more about health information rather than just reading it, I know I’ve reached my goal as a digital media creative!

What’s one important project you’ve worked on at PBA and what impact did it have on you?

During this past summer, I was tasked to work on the Black Women’s Health Initiative’s diabetes prevention program. The importance of a revolutionary program like this pushed me in creative ways I never would’ve thought I would reach.

This project required me to think outside the box to visually tell health information through a series of mini videos.

These projects not only expanded my consciousness, but also gave me the creative freedom to expand my skills as an editor, acquire some 2D character animation skills, and learn motion graphic techniques.

These projects also reminded me of my mission and why I’m so passionate about diversifying the media industry.

I also worked alongside an incredible team of people that I’m very grateful for. They taught me so much!

Prior to joining the PbA team, you interned with the PbA Health and Wellness Director. Any advice you would offer to future PbA interns based on your internship experiences?

One thing I really appreciated about Powered by Action was the welcoming team environment. I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas with the team.

My advice to future interns is to let your creative instincts guide you. If you have an idea always write it down and never be afraid to share your unique perspective!

For many of us, 2020 has been a rollercoaster year both personally and professionally. What’s one of your go-to self-care activities?

It's a blessing to stay busy during these times. When I needed a break, I usually went for a walk near the lake and took a moment to sit and listen to music.

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