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Our Features at Powered by Action Just Received a New Upgrade!

At PbA we are constantly changing our features to give our customers and constituents the best-personalized technology to accomplish all goals and objectives on our platform. One of the ways we stay on track and up to date with one another is through our messaging feature. Whether you want to communicate to one person directly or a group of people, we got you!

We understand the importance of staying in communication with another and with our messaging feature you have the ability to communicate with anyone on the platform whenever you want! We made sure that this update includes no waiting time so it’s quick and easy for you to reach whoever you need to. Aside from our speed-lightning fast messaging, you also have the control to create group chats, name and rename a chat, and add or remove someone in a chat! You can share files, drawings, photos, videos, links, or any exciting news you want to share. You can even find the chat you’re looking for by searching for member and chat names, easily.

At PbA we make sure your communication is taken care of. Again, we want you to stay connected in the easiest way possible. Check out this short gif below on how a user can rename a group chat.

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