We help nonprofits do good - better.

Connect, educate and scale in the digital world. 

Our expertise powers yours.


You have the programs people need; but access limits your ability to connect as often as you would like.

We break down the barriers to equitable access to build community and to connect 

you to the people needing your help.



Unlock the full potential of your 

programs in the digital age.

We help you reimagine your programs in your voice, tailored to the people you serve through culturally relevant storytelling and multimedia content.



Now more than ever, you need the right technology to multiply results.

Whether in urban or rural communities—we automate the delivery of digital content, reminders and notifications to increase quality interactions that drive progress.

Chicago, IL

US and The World

Houston, TX

Grey Limbo


Accelerate your mission with data-driven decisions.

We automate the collection, analysis and reporting of engagement analytics so that you can more easily communicate impact.

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Going digital positions you for
new revenue streams.

Monetize your programs and network
to acquire the funds you need to transform lives.


 Our Expertise Powers Theirs 


223 W Erie St, STE 4E, Chicago, IL, 60654

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