Breaking Barriers to Scale Social Impact


Our software innovations help nonprofits and schools overcome social determinants that trap people in poverty by:


  1. Connecting them digitally to the people they serve; extending reach and scaling impact

  2. Providing anyone convenient access to proven digital programs that automate workflows; saving time and money

  3. Enabling continuous learning and sharing across connected communities

  4. Coming soon: Monetization of user engagement (Digital Wallet); incenting right behaviors and habits

Proven, relevant content,

collaboratively constructed with domain experts to...

… help nonprofits and schools increase the number and frequency of interactions with their constituents to increase adoption of new skills, know-how and desired behaviors.


“For new behaviors to really take hold, they must occur often.”

Nir Eyal

Author, Hooked

Automated Workflows connect constituents with one click…

… to answer a survey/poll; to listen, watch, and/or read informative content in 2-3 minutes; to attend live interactive events that amplify learning; and to respond to assignments that measure understanding and application of knowledge.

Interactive learning and sharing in digitally connected communities and groups fuel ongoing gains after the program is completed.

“People join communities because it reinforces their sense of identity, but they stay for the conversation.”

Peter H. Diamadis, Founder, X Prize Foundation

"To catalyze social impacts, engagement must be quantum increased and perpetuated."

Rick Weinstein, American Impact Capital

Scalable interventions connect constituents when and where they need you most.

Live Help:

• Support Groups

• Counseling & Mentoring

• Exercise/Therapy

• Cooking Classes

• Office Hours, Meetings & Events

• Tutoring

Crowdsource donations and business sponsorships to raise needed funding.

“Financial stability is without a doubt the most pivotal issue for nonprofit organizations for the next decade.”


Kate Dewey

President, The Forbes Fund Funds


Our Expertise Powers Yours

Our Expertise Powers Yours

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